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By Vernalee

What was the hit record on the date of your birth? Finding out is fun! I know that you are just as curious as I was! The website (www.Playback.fm) will provide the answer. My curiosity placed me in a discovery zone. So, I immediately checked out the site to see what the hits were on the dates that my children were born. On my son’s date of birth, the # one hit was Elton John’s and Kiki Dee’s, "Don’t go breaking my heart.” “Say, Say, Say” (Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson) was the “jam“ on my daughter’s date of birth. Being the inquisitive creature that I am, I decided to dig deeper, so I went back respectively nine months prior - to be exact - to see what rocked the airwaves around the time of their conceptions. "Fly Robin Fly" was the number one sound around my lovable son's conception; while “Billy Jean” (how coincidental) topped the charts when the Little Princess was conceived. Of course, Billy Jean is one of my all time favorites! I can still remember being in awe the first time I saw Michael Jackson’s feet magically glide across the floor doing the Moon Walk. It didn’t surprise me that there was a hit song about love on the airwaves near my conception. What more can I say ... after all that is how we all arrived! Love! And the band played on! Photo credit: www.ebay.com

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