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By Vernalee

Our former First Lady, the incomparable Michelle Obama coined in 2016 the expression, “When they go low, we go high.” Exactly what does that mean you might ask. According to Michelle, “Going high doesn’t mean you don’t feel the hurt, or you’re not entitled to an emotion. It means that your response has to reflect the solution. It shouldn’t come from a place of anger or vengefulness. Anger may feel good in the moment, but it’s not going to move the ball forward. I’m not trying to win the argument. I’m trying to figure out how to understand you and how I can help you understand me.” Thank you Michelle! Say it! You have taught us how to be diplomatic! You have taught us that degradation and dehumanization of someone are not the answer. Yes - Dignity, integrity, love, good character, and respect always win. You brought meaning to what my Mother told me years ago in memorable simplistic terms. “You betta stop that monkey shine cause life ain’t no monkey see, monkey do. If they act like a fool, you don’t have to!” Now years later, I can say in my southern twang, “Sho ya right!" For certain, the high road Is the better path. You can see clearer and that’s the road that I’m taking.”

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