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By Vernalee

I was always told, “If you go looking for trouble, you will probably find it!”

Your suspicions will sometimes become proven facts, which leads me to the question of the hour ...

Who are the biggest snoopers?

Do men scoop more than women or vice versa?

When I initially asked a few colleagues and family members that question, their answers though not unanimous, but by a long shot was - Women.

Many believed that women go looking more than men.

What do you think?

Not being a private investigator and not knowing the universal answer, I found a partial answer at least to the cell phone snooping mystery.

A recent survey revealed that when it comes to snooping through a partner’s phone, the furtive culprit is the man!

Yes, that’s right! How many of you are surprised?

The survey revealed that 34% of Women and 66% of Men snooped through their partner’s phone. Wowser!

31% revealed that upon finding out the information that they snooped to discover that it was grounds for ending their relationship.

I don't know what gender snoops around the most in other categories, but I have this advice when it comes to those precious devices known as cell phones. It's quite simple.

You should probably erase what you don’t want people to see.

Can you hide everything?

Probably not, but it all depends upon what you are trying to conceal. For certain, if you leave visible evidence, there is a likelihood that it may definitively be seen. If so, how can you deny written proof and validating evidence produced through photographs, emails, and text messaging?

Some may argue that if it was so damaging to yield a relationship breakup, then the person probably should not have been doing what their partner suspected!

Though a legitimate theory, that question is not for me to answer! Who am I to pass moral judgment on someone else’s life? My hands are full. I don’t have the desire or time to snoop!

Here's the deal.

For those who are masters at coverups, they probably sweep their evidentiary trail clean leaving little or no evidence.

For the others who got caught, I’ll just say that someone forgot to push the delete button!

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For those of you who are inquisitive and want to know more results, keep reading. According to a very recent survey conducted by BankMyCell between 10/01/2018 to 10/31/2018 in the U.S., here are their findings:

68% of men have snooped on their partner’s phone, compared to 47% of women.

38% of men phone snoop without permission, compared to 24% of women.

Who knew their spouse’s phone passcode?

1 in 2 men know how to get into their partner’s phone and snoop.

1 in 3 women know their partner’s phone passcode.

27% of men regularly snoop on their partner’s social accounts, almost double the responses of women.

62% of men have snooped on their partner’s social media accounts.

56% of women have snooped on their partner’s social media accounts.

89% of men are looking for signs of cheating when snooping their partner’s phone.

70% of women are snooping their partner’s phone for traces of betrayal.

30% of women are simply snooping to be nosy.

And the beat and snooping continue.

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1 Comment

Oct 24, 2019

I keep my cell phone locked but it's my Fit Bit watch, all my emails and text show up there?

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